Cancellation Policy
Reservation Policy

Reservations at the Skin Studio may be made online through our Reservation Scheduler, by call or text to (504)717-4446, by email (click "Reply" to any Skin Studio email reminder or receipt), or in person at the studio. 


All reservations for new guests or guests who have not received a service at the Skin Studio in the past 3 months or who have changes to medical conditions should be accompanied by a newly completed Intake Form, which you can fill out and sign easily from your home computer!  This intake form is completely confidential, and provides your esthetician with critical medical, lifestyle, and allergy information that ensures we are able to provide a safe and effective treatment.   

Additionally, all reservations require a valid credit card number. See our Cancellation Policy for more information about this requirement.  Please note that you may pay for your services with any payment method you prefer at the time of your visit!

Because your Skin Studio reservation represents your therapist's commitment of time and care just for you, we ask for 24 hours' notice in the case of any cancellations or rescheduled reservations. Cancellations or rescheduled reservations inside this 24-hour period will be charged the full fee for the service reserved.


For this reason, as with many other types of reservations, Skin Studio reservations require a valid credit card number to hold the time that has been dedicated to you. Please note that you may pay for your services with any payment method you prefer at the time of your visit!

To cancel or change your Skin Studio reservation in advance, you may log in to our Reservation Scheduler, call or text the studio at (504) 717-4446, or reply to your email confirmation message. If the studio is closed, simply leave a voicemail or text, which will be timestamped with the date and time of your message!

The Skin Studio is committed to protecting your personal data. Our reservation and point-of-sale system, ​MindBody Online, is used by more than 22,000 businesses in over 80 countries.  In 10+ years of business, MindBody has never experienced a data breach or been hacked. MindBody is certified by TRUSTe, the Internet's leading security verification organization, meaning that personal information, such as your credit card number, is encrypted with 512-bit encryption keys and transmitted over the Internet's most secure type of connection: Secure Socket Layer, or SSL. This protocol ensures that we at the Skin Studio, and even MindBody's own employees, will only ever see the last four digits of your card number onscreen. You can read more about MindBody's data security policies ​here. Rest assured that your information is safe with the Skin Studio!

For safety reasons, our insurance regulations forbid bringing children to your appointment at the Skin Studio.  Services scheduled for a children under 16 must be accompanied by the child's parent or guardian.  Younger teenagers receiving acne care may attend their own appointments at the discretion of the esthetician after the first, accompanied appointment. 

Personal Data
Policy on Children


Before placing your reservation, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Studio Policies.

Third party reservations, meaning one person booking a service for another person, are generally not accepted at the Skin Studio.  The individual placing the reservation takes full financial responsibility for the service, and is required to reserve each session with a credit card per our Reservation and Cancellation Policies.  For therapeutic skincare treatments, the best outcomes are seen when the individual receiving care is also responsible for maintaining her or his treatment schedule and home care.

3rd Party Scheduling